सुशासन, पारदर्शिता र जवाफदेहिता; दिगाे विकासमा हाम्राे सहभागिता

Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability; Our Participation in Sustainable Development


# Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services for construction (NRES)_Social section of CDM Smith for USAID in Nepal

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli is a partner of CDM Smith for implementation of social mobilization for implementation of Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services for construction (NRES) of 3 schools and 4 health faculties in earthquake affected area of the Sindhuli district.

Photo: Glimpse during Ground breaking ceremony of Kapilakot PHCC at Kapilakot, Sindhuli


# Strengthening Social and Economic Justice to Vulnerable ethnic minority women and men (SSEJV) Project_Financially supported by FCA

Sahakarya Nepal-Sindhuli has been implementing a 3 years (Jan 2020 to Dec 2022) project which has focused to enhance economic opportunities and equality for socially marginalized and economically poor men and women from 1500 house holds as direct right holders in Marin and Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipalities of Sindhuli district. This project has mainly three outcomes

– Sustainable access to affordable finance for target right holders through well-functioning cooperatives

– Strengthened income and employment opportunities for marginalized families through on-farm and off- farm based enterprises.

– Marginalized groups (women, single women and persons with disabilities) influenced decision making of local governments and other institutions in their society

Photo: Capacity Building training for cooperative member

# Women Employment through Sustainable Access to Finance and Skills (WESAF) Project_Funded by WB/FCA

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli, in coordination with Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Nepal (FWEAN) has been implementing a three years (Jan 2018 to Dec 2020) project “Women Employment through Sustainable Access to Finance and Skills (WESAF)” with the financial support from WB/FCA. The objective of this project is to promote the economic and social rights of women in the target area of Sindhuli district by developing, expanding and strengthening women-led local institutions.


Photo: SIYB training to cooperative members


# Strengthening Approaches for Maximizing Maternal Neonatal and Reproductive Health (SAMMAN)_Funded by GSK-UK/CARE-Nepal

Sahakarya Nepal-Sindhuli has been implementing the SAMMAN project from 2016 to Sept 2020 through the financial support of GSK/Care Nepal which has focused to train the health workers on skilled birth attendants, MNH update, Implant insertion and obstetric first aid. In addition it has launched birth preparedness package (BPP) in the entire district and m-Health program in two palika, equipment supports, Community Health Score Board (CHSB) scaling up, SATH tools to health mother groups etc.


Photo: Supporting haemolytic Analyzer to District Hospital Sindhuli