सुशासन, पारदशिता, जवाफदेहिता र दीगाे विकासमा हाम्राे सहभािगता

Responsible Civil Society

Current Projects

COVID-19 Response and Socio-economic Recovery Initiatives in Dudhauli Municipality

[caption id="attachment_716" align="alignleft" width="449"] Photograph: Conducting Inception Meeti

Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services (NRES) Project

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli is a partner of CDM Smith Inc. to implement social mobilization part o

Strengthening Social and Economic Justice to Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Women and Men (SSEJV) Project

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli has been implementing Strengthening Social and Economic Justice to Vulne

Women Employment through Sustainable Access to Finance and Skills (WESAF) Project

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli, in coordination with Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Association