सुशासन, पारदर्शिता र जवाफदेहिता; दिगाे विकासमा हाम्राे सहभागिता

Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability; Our Participation in Sustainable Development

Our Team

Executive Committee Members of Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli

SN  Designation Name
1 Chairperson Mr. Khetraj Adhikari
2 Vice Chairperson Ms. Sirmala Tamang
3 Treasurer Mr. Arjun Ghimire
4 Secretory Mr. Jagat Ale Magar
5 Member Mr. Toya Lamsal
6 Member Ms. Menuka Timalsina
7 Member Ms. Durga Kattel
8 Member Ms. Puspa Kumari Danuwar
9 Member Ms. Sangita BK

Staff Members of the Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli

Office Staff : 

    • Executive Director -1
    • Program Manager – 1
    • Admin and Finance Manager – 1
    • Information Officer – 1
    • Logistic Officer / Assistant – 1
    • Office Assistant – 1

Project Staff: 

    • Project Manager (PM) / Project Coordinator (PC) – 4
    • Business Development Officers (BDO) – 2
    • Field Agriculture Officer (FAO) – 1
    • Gender Equality & Social Inclusion (GESI) Officer -1
    • Finance Assistant – 2
    • JT/JTA – 6
    • Health Facilitators/Social Mobilizers / Micro Finance Facilitators -8

Chairperson Message

Managing Director

Mr. Khet Raj Adhikari, Chairperson

Sahakarya Nepal has been supporting in social development since the starting days ie 2061 BS with an objective of constructing equality based society comprising social work, development, changes, equality & justice through accession of citizen's participation in good governance; transparency; accountability & sustainable development. This organisation focus on economically poor and socially backward community and  praise for active participation in the main stream of social development. I would like to thank all of you who have supported directly and indirectly for this activities.

Thank you

Our Sponsors