सुशासन, पारदर्शिता र जवाफदेहिता; दिगाे विकासमा हाम्राे सहभागिता

Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability; Our Participation in Sustainable Development



This is a case story of Sindhuli District, Central region of Nepal. Mr. Vijay waiwa son of Mr. Shree bahadur lama (Waiwa) is a permanent residence of Bastipur -8, Sindhuli. He has been working as a temporary teacher in Shree higher secondary Marina Hyautar, Bastipur since 5 years.

While I was around for community visits I heard that he wants to meet me; firstly I was surprised to hear that, next morning I went to visit him. After some relative conversations, Suddenly He says that “life is full of struggles” We had & have to face various up’s & down’s in our life. That might occurs either relating effects of our works or naturally. Most of the Problems could be prevented before it happens but the Natural one it’s almost impossible. He relates Baishak 12th earthquake its effects on Human & Nature in Nepal. Many of the families’ vegetation’s , Lives get destroyed, more than 10000 people died, hundreds & thousands of old aged, adults , children’s are still in deep trauma shocks.so on this leads huge destruction in schools infrastructures too. Damaged infrastructures risks thousands of children’s life and enforce all of us to live in dilemma. After that many days we were unprepared and shocked with huge fear of earthquake & its aftershocks.

He said “After few days I felt that being a Teacher & at an age of 26 I was distress & couldn’t stop myself thinking, feeling of that day, how could our children’s are tackling this situation. This just strike my mind , Making myself strong I went to Parents, students & teachers home to continue our daily life as before, actually this was too hard but later on we succeeded enabling daily schools activity under sky as an roof for many days.

Starting again “he says; Afterward, One day some of your colleagues & representatives of Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli came to us with a great Package of relief. We all were happy to receive that package. Later on they continued visiting us with various events & activities that contains:

  1. UNICEF kits Materials (ECD, Recreation, and School in box & Story bag) for students/children’s of our school. Our students were excited to get those materials with orientation on its benefits & using procedures.Progressively this leads them to learn faster, Regular attendance, and increase in new admissions. By this our students get well treated to up come effects of disaster.
  2. Transitional learning centres with Latrines & Handwashing facilities. By this our children /students get well benefit of disable friendly safer learning environment so do we get receive the same.
  3. As we received 2 hrs. Orientation on hygiene promotion & WASH facility maintenance including Handwashing steps, mensural hygiene, Personal Hygiene, surrounding sanitations & Water purification methods referred as a core attentions, we felt great positive changes on students, that makes us feel delighted.


Again he says it’s not the end, we all teachers receive 2 days trained on DRR, Uplifted education techniques, DRM, Comprehensive Schools Safety framework, Psychosocial Aid, Peace & sensitivity issues, WASH, Sanitation & waste management etc.”

Being sad: he says that, although we can’t stop any of Natural Disasters, but if these all were done before many of those lives would get saved. May they Rest in peace.


Finally, He thanked me for letting him to explore his feeling and so on thanked EU , Unicef, FCA & Sahakarya Nepal for gifting those precious attention and make us more Capable ,stronger, happy & expected to continue their support to children’s as well as them too (laughing).


He say’s “Now we are ready to protect self & others to reduce disaster risk”. “We will & we can”.




Conversation By:

Sabina Shrestha

Social Mobilizer, Sahakarya Nepal