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Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability; Our Participation in Sustainable Development

Empowering Education

Empowering Education

Hey reader My name is Ramesh Hari Adhikari, I work for Sahakarya Nepal Sindhuli, This is the present day 18th February 2017.As I was asked to collect and present a case story from our office, I went to a nearby schools and start searching a good one, as I believe every Nepali citizen has his own story relating “Earthquake 2072 B.S.” I visited various schools, community peoples & children and query their story relating that incident, I found them exploring their sorrow, sadness, unhappiness, angriness and some with exciting & thrilling (story) behaviour but none of them were good enough to our concern.

While traveling to our projected schools in Kamalamai municipality, I think I found the one,

Well, This is a case story of Sindhuli District, Central region of Nepal. Mr. Sher bahadur Shrestha son of Mr. Purna Bahadur Shrestha is a permanent residence of Darlami bogati Kamalamai municipality-2, Sindhuli. He has been working as a Permanent Head teacher in Shree Thakur Devi Pra vi Darlami bogati since 2056 B.S. This school was established on 2053 B.S. by the community people of Darlami bogati with a 5 classrooms & 2 latrines infrastructure. This was running well until the devastating earthquake on 2072 B.S. which leads many of the families, vegetation’s, Livestock & infrastructures, So on damaged infrastructures risks thousands of children to continue their education as before and enforce all of us to live in dilemma. After few days of that natural incident, I was resting after a long walk around the village which seems like a war Zone “destruction everywhere”, suddenly I thought about running school as before, for this I had to create some useful hand to continue this.

After few weeks as situation get normalize, I was called to District education office, Sindhuli where almost every school representatives of Sindhuli were present, we all were told to continue daily school activities as before, As soon as I returned back to school I called our School management committee chairperson, Parents & concerned stake holders to discuss the situation and ask them for help & contribute. With the help from DEO, School stakeholders & Community people we build a bamboo structured temporary learning centre (2 Rooms), although this doesn’t lasts long, It was quite happy feeling inside us.

Starting again “He says “after few months, One day representative of Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli came to us with and a great Package of relief focusing students education & school  construction. Although we all were assuming the same bamboo structured building which we build before, Sahakarya’s Community mobilizer Janak bhai (brother) explains that this building is different and was of semi-permanent nature . We all were happy to receive that package. Later on they continued visiting us with various events & activities which were UNICEF kits Materials for students, Two rooms transitional learning centre , Orientation on hygiene promotion & WASH  activities & for all of us Teacher ,PTA & SMC representatives, 2 days trained on DRR, Uplifted education techniques, DRM, Comprehensive Schools Safety framework, Psychosocial Aid, Peace & sensitivity issues, WASH, Sanitation & waste management etc.” Our students were excited to get those materials with orientation on its benefits & using procedures disable friendly safer learning environment.Progressively this leads them to learn faster, Regular attendance, and increase in new admissions. We felt great positive changes on students that make us feel delighted.By this students get well treated to overcome those effects of disaster.

Finally, He thanked European Union for their fund, UNICEF to donate those funds to their school children through Finn church aid & Sahakarya Nepal Sindhuli Really “We all are lucky that we have some strong hands to support education, especially UNICEF who are focused on children in “EMPOWERING EDUCATION”


Conversation & Story By:

Ramesh Hari Adhikari

Social Mobilizer, Sahakarya Nepal