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Green vegetables: a regular income for household expenses and savings

Green vegetables: a regular income for household expenses and savings

Purnabati Khatri, a resident, Dhudhali Municipality, Ward no. 5, Sirthauli, Sindhuli. is engaging in commercial vegetable production. She lives in remote village far from the urban areas having two children including one daughter and one son. She did not get any formal education during her childhood. She has just learned to write her name through the informal education conducted in the community.

Purnabati, faced tough family situation after her marriage. She didn’t have a good source of income accept farming. Traditional method of seasonal farming could not fulfill the family needs. She felt difficulty to manage expenses of children’s education and to celebrate festivals in the family.

In this juncture, she knew that women of her community have been affiliated in the cooperative through the Women’s Group. After that she became a member of Uddhamshil Group and has become an active member of Prasiddha Krishi Tatha Uddhamshil Sahakari Sanstha. She got an opportunity to take a 5-day vocational training conducted by Sahakarya Nepal in collaboration with Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Association Nepal and support from FCA in November 2018.  From the training, she gained technical skills and knowledge about how to do seasonal and off-seasonal vegetable farming including how to prepare organic fertilizers, plastic tunnel, use of mulching plastic, seeding and harvesting. Furthermore, she got knowledge about the vegetable marketing. She used skills and knowedge gained from the training for commercial vegetables production. Sahakarya Nepal supported her with improved seeds, plastic tunnels, mulching plastic, polybag for vegetable seeding to promote commercial vegetable production. She earned 200,000 within six months by selling the off-seasonal vegetables.                               

Now, she adds plastic tunnels from 1 to 5 for the commercial vegetables production. She used to sell vegetables every day in the local market. She wants to extend her vegetables production using 10 plastic tunnels and employing modern technologies to increase the production. She says that I sell my vegetables in the local markets and sometimes wholesalers come in my vegetable field to purchase so that I am not facing marketing problem.

Khatri is one of the most active  vegetable producer in her community. Family members help her for the vegetable production and marketing. She is a role model of every woman who have faced hard to survive their families. She wants to give thanks to the Prasidha Krishi Tatha Uddhamsil Sahakari Sashta and Sahakarya Nepal for providing vocational training, technical support and plastic tunnel for the commercial vegetables production.