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Pickle business, a testy sources of income

Pickle business, a testy sources of income

Sabita Kumari Rai, the resident of Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality-4, Simalpur was a seasonal migrant to Kathmandu for sustaining livelihood. She totally depended on husband’s income to maintain the household expenses as well as children’s education. Finally, she returned back to her own place upon the return of her husband from foreign employment after eight years. However, she had not yet any skill to do any business like agriculturally based or livestock product due to idle time in city. She very much worried about the future and the reliable source of income for the family.

At the same time of 2027, Sahakarya Nepal started the Strengthening Community Resilience through Sustainable Livelihood (SCRTSL) Project in Marin area. She was also selected for 7 days pickle making training through her Hatemalo Enterprise Agriculture Cooperative which was promoted by this SCRSL project. She w

as in crisis so she became a fast learner about all the pickle making techniques and a professional entrepreneur. That one training proved to be her fortune changer as she quickly entered the world of business. This project has also provided her packaging and labeling machine to along with necessary training. Besides, she was supported with necessary materials like oil, spices, spoon and packaging boxes etc. She facilitated with business counseling. She has recently registered her business as the name of Swadistha Mithi Aachar Udhyog in Small and Cottage Industry Development Committee, Sindhuli. Mrs. Rai has been preparing varieties of pickle by using fruits and vegetables including, radish, mango, lemon, jackfruit, lime, Lapsi (Nepali hog plum) and Fenugreek seeds (Methi) etc. She has been selling her products in the nearby local shops and other district market as well. She also sends her products in the trade expos in Kathmandu.

Nowadays, she has been earning regularly by selling the homemade pickle in retail price. She earned around NRs 25,000 income by selling chutney in one season. She has been utilizing this income in her children’s education. She has been helping her daughter who has been studying Bachelor of Nursing. Her husband has been helping in her business as well as doing daily wage skills in village. She has started to transfer the skill via training on pickle making to others as well. She has expectation and plan to expand her pickle enterprise all over the country because she has recently certified her product from Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC), Hetauda Nepal. She has taken Rs 100,000 loan from her Cooperative to expand the business. Hopefully, she will increase the product and quality in upcoming season. Mrs. Rai has a dream of establishing a pickle making factory and selling the product in her own brand name and to have her product all over the market in near future.