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Sahakarya Nepal Sindhuli is a non-profit making non-governmental organization registered in District Administrative Office, Sindhuli, Government of Nepal on October 10, 2004 (Aswin 24, 2061). It was established by a group of social workers with the commitment of fighting against deep-rooted social problems, racial and gender based discriminations, acute poverty, traditional behavior, superstitious thinking and promoting education, health and nutrition, social accountability, transparency, good governance, employment and enterprises.

In order to uplift the socio-economic status of socially deprived and economically poor communities like Dalit, Janajati, Danawar, Mushar, Majhi living in the Sindhuli district, Sahakarya Nepal has been implementing various development interventions relating to livelihood, health, education, entrepreneurship development to fight for protecting their basic human rights. Through the social mobilization, it has been played a vital role in developing capacity and empowering the community people to reduce the poverty.  

It works in the field of livelihood and entrepreneurship, health and sanitation, education, gender equality and social inclusion, disaster risk reduction, good governance, social accountability and climate change.   It also provides counseling for Nepalese women and youth in promoting safer migration and entrepreneurship development.

Sahakarya Nepal coordinates and collaborates with Government of Nepal, international donors and I/NGOs like: UNDP, USAID/IFES, UNICEF/FCA. UNICEF/Restless Development, SDC/Comat-astha, TDH Germany, GSK/Care Nepal, FCA, CDM Smith Inc. to implement community based development activities.  

Managing Director

Managing Director

Mr. Khet Raj Adhikari, Chairperson

Sahakarya Nepal has been supporting in social development since the starting days ie 2061 BS with an objective of constructing equality based society comprising social work, development, changes, equality & justice through accession of citizen's participation in good governance; transparency; accountability & sustainable development. This organisation focus on economically poor and socially backward community and  praise for active participation in the main stream of social development. I would like to thank all of you who have supported directly and indirectly for this activities. Thank you

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