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Ongoing Projects

Photograph: Conducting Inception Meeting in Dudhauli, June, 2021

Sahakarya Nepal is implementing COVID-19 Response and Socio-economic Recovery Initiatives in Dudhauli Municipality with the support from UNDP and Dudhauli Municipality from June, 2021 onwards. The objective of this project is to support COVID-19 affected families of Dudhauli Municipality in socio-economic recovery and restore livelihoods for strengthening resilience of target communities. It covers 1-11 Wards of Dudhauli Municipality of Sindhuli district with targeting 390 COVID-19 affected socially marginalized and economically poor households. The expected results of this project include: 1) At least 390 COVID-19 impacted and most vulnerable families increased their agriculture and livestock production through adoption of quick impact, market-led and farm-based green enterprises and value addition enabling them to cope the crises 2) COVID-19 impacted families and products are better connected with additional markets and market actors for sustainable business contributing to early recovery of impacts and 3) local population have public infrastructures and services to take immediate action on venomous snake bite and safe recreational facilities.

COVID-19 Response and Socio-economic Recovery Initiatives in Dudhauli Municipality

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli is a partner of CDM Smith Inc. to implement social mobilization part of Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services  (NRES) Project. This project has been supporting to reconstruct  3 schools and 4 health facilities of Sindhuli district that were affected by the earthquake. Three senior level Social Mobilizers are being mobilized to assist project to implement social engagement activities. It is expected that the project will handover newly reconstructed buildings within October, 2021.

Photo: Glimpse during Ground breaking ceremony of Kapilakott PHCC at Kapilakot, Sindhuli


Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services (NRES) Project

Sahakarya Nepal, Sindhuli has been implementing Strengthening Social and Economic Justice to Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Women and Men (SSEJV), a 3 years (January, 2020 to December, 2022) project  with the financial support from FCA. This project aims  to enhance economic opportunities and equality for socially marginalized and economically poor men and women from 1500 households as direct right holders in Marin and Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipalities of Sindhuli district. This project has expected three main outcomes: 1)Sustainable access to affordable finance for target right holders through well-functioning cooperatives 2) Strengthened income and employment opportunities for marginalized families through on-farm and off- farm based enterprises 3) Marginalized groups (women, single women and persons with disabilities) influenced decision making of local governments and other institutions in their society.

It has promoted and strengthened 3 cooperatives in its working area. As of June, 2021, altogether 1245 women and men have been affiliated in these cooperatives.  The share capital of these cooperatives reached NPR 3,077,600.00.

Photo: Capacity Building training for cooperative member

Strengthening Social and Economic Justice to Vulnerable Ethnic Minority Women and Men (SSEJV) Project

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