Our Starategic Priorities

Agriculture and rural enterprises for nutrition and food security

The goal of this strategic theme is to empower socially marginalized and economically poor communities with sustainable livelihood through increased... Read More

Quality and inclusive education as basic human rights for all children

The goal of this strategic theme is to ensure all children have access to quality basic education and learning environments... Read More

Maternal, child and reproductive health rights

The goal of this strategic theme is to improve and scale up the coverage of the maternal, child and reproductive... Read More

Inclusive and gender responsive water, sanitation and hygiene

The goal of this strategy theme is to ensure all communities have access to improved and safe drinking water and... Read More

Gender equality and social inclusion

The strategic goal of this theme is to contribute in economic, social and cultural empowerment of women, adolescent girls, Dalit... Read More

Peace, governance and accountability

The strategic goal of this theme is to work jointly with public service providers, elected bodies and citizens for promoting... Read More

Climate change adaptation and DRR for resilient communities

Strategic Interventions include: Organize awareness sessions about climate change and environmental impacts. Promote adaptation practices to the communities and advocate... Read More

Inclusive development with Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)

This theme aims to reduce social and economic exclusion of the Persons with Disabilities and integrate them to make their... Read More

OrgaOrganizational capacity building and internal governance

It aims to promote Sahakarya Nepal a reputable organization effectively achieving its goals by carrying out an organizational development initiative.... Read More

Humanitarian assistance for vulnerable and victimize communities

The strategic goal is to recover social and economic status of the vulnerable communities victimized by the disaster through different implementing... Read More