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  • Mar, 5, 2021

Maternal, child and reproductive health rights

The goal of this strategic theme is to improve and scale up the coverage of the maternal, child and reproductive health services in the vulnerable and deprived communities by strengthening the health service of the health facilities and capacitating health workers and health governance.

Strategic interventions include:

Support local governments to access quality health services including reproductive health, safe motherhood at community level focusing socially marginalized and economically poor groups.

Implement activities to increase awareness and create demand of the community people on quality health services available in the community level health facilities.

Strengthen child delivery services by skilled birth attendant, basic obstetric care services including family planning at community level by developing the infrastructure for delivery and emergency obstetric care.

Integrate behaviour change communication approach to disseminate information on reproductive rights to the community people using one-on-one educational contacts, mass media and posters/pamphlets.

Enhance capacity of the community-based health workers in delivering maternal, child and reproductive health services.

Mobilize Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) and Women Groups to create awareness on reproductive health services including safe motherhood, family planning, safe abortion and HIV/AIDS.

Promote community-based distribution approach to assess family planning contraceptives for the men and women of reproductive age and prevent HIV/AIDS transmission.

Strengthen community-based awareness on birth preparedness and complication readiness, family planning and safe abortion through FCHVs and Mother Groups, increase access of all relevant reproductive health information and service.